Believe us—we know. When we set out for Arlington Park for a picture-perfect late summer day at the races, the future looked bright. On the way, we eagerly chatted about our varying levels of racing and betting experience. We purchased our programs, sipped on our refreshing beverages, had a few bites and got to work. After all, we had moments to spare before we played the ponies.

Just a few short hours and many tears later, we found out something we already know: trying to quickly make decisions without a well-thought out, developed strategy can be a drain on one’s resources.

Here’s our list of our failed horse race selection approaches:

  • Favorite number
  • Favorite color
  • Prettiest horse
  • Feistiest horse
  • Biggest horse
  • Smallest horse
  • Horse that relieved itself immediately prior to race
  • Winningest horse
  • Smallest jockey
  • Winningest jockey
  • Sinningest jockey
  • Phone-a-friend calls to ‘friends who know the horses’
  • Drawing horse’s names from an empty beer glass

On the other hand, our clear winner cleared over $100 on just one race. How did she do it? With a consistent strategy based on a combination of different factors (not just a favorite color or passing thought), that she applied throughout the whole process. By utilizing a ‘slow and steady wins the race’ methodology, and researching and adjusting it slightly as events unfolded, our winningest teammate won the day, taking home the biggest prize of us any of us, by far.

Strategy. It’s not as easy as it looks. But utilize it properly, and you too can win the race.


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