20 Ways to Use Social Media in B2B

Wondering if social media can benefit your B2B business? The answer is YES. Up to 90% of the B2B buying process is taking place before the prospect even engages a salesperson*, so your brand needs to be seen early and often by your potential buyers.

Where are those buyers looking? Online. 77% of B2B buyers said they did not talk with a salesperson until after performing their own independent research online to:

  • find solutions
  • self-educate
  • review social feedback
  • choose vendors

Social media is now an important aspect of the sales process. Take advantage of its power by attracting positive attention when you share helpful information and contribute valuable insights to conversations. At ColinKurtis, we understand the power of social media, and we’ve got the power to help you harness it as well.

*According to a recent Forrester report

A little background to get you started

  1. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can all be used effectively.
  2. For better reach, you’ll need to advertise on social media outlets as well.
  3. LinkedIn is an important influencer, due to its professional orientation.
  4. 90% of B2B marketing professionals distribute content on LinkedIn.

How you will benefit

  1. The effectiveness of social media is highly measurable.
  2. Social media provides a great lead generation tool.
  3. Your number one metric on social media should be lead generation.
  4. YouTube videos can be great tools for drawing web traffic.
  5. A strong presence on social media conveys your brand as a forward-thinking thought leader in your industry.

Content is crucial

  1. Focus on professional content with real value, not ‘fluff’ or ‘novelty’ content.
  2. Build a content library based on your content calendar to organize your campaign for ultimate effectiveness.
  3. White papers and case studies are highly valued content to potential purchasers.
  4. Engaging blog posts use a variety of resources; infographics of pertinent, shareable info are a definite draw.
  5. Online webinars can create a strong level of personal engagement, and the ability to track qualified leads.
  6. On-trend topical content will keep people coming back; find out what information they need to succeed, and provide it.

Getting started

  1. Create high potential target lists for each of your social media outlets.
  2. If you are participating in a trade show, use social media as a pre-show engagement tool.
  3. While at those trade shows, dynamic posts on Twitter are a great way to create booth traffic.
  4. Determine a comfortable pace before you begin, so that you can maintain a steady social presence.
  5. Don’t have the time? Or a social media team? Turn to the ColinKurtis team to make your social media happen.


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