9 Marketing Podcasts We Love

Today, September 30th, is International Podcast Day! We asked the ColinKurtis team to recommend their favorite marketing-related podcasts⁠—what they listen to for new ideas, trends, and updates in the marketing world. Check out our compiled list below, and get listening!   General Marketing and Content Strategy Podcasts: a16z Podcast: https://a16z.com/podcasts/ The Content Strategy Podcast  https://www.contentstrategy.com/podcast The [...]

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What Does User Experience Really Mean?

It’s all about putting yourself in your client’s place. What’s their point of view? What do they want? What do they need to know? Our client Powder Process-Solutions knew that their existing site did not provide an optimal user experience; it wasn’t responsive and had three distinct challenges: confusing navigation, an overwhelming amount of copy, [...]

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How to Personalize Your Website for Several Target Audiences

Our client Trinidad Benham knew it was time to update and redesign their website to improve its functionality and responsiveness. Since the company serves customer audiences ranging from dry edible bean growers to retail category development managers to foodservice operators, the folks at Trinidad Benham wanted to create a better way to speak to and [...]

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Did We Happen to Mention: Global Award-Winning Campaign?

When Kemin Food Technologies asked us to help convey a complex marketing message, we jumped at the chance, because we love nothing more than a real challenge. The message? Kemin helps manufacturers achieve the label claim goals that today’s consumers want to see—like non-GMO and gluten free—without sacrificing shelf life. The resulting “World of Claims” [...]

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Things have been pretty fast and furious around here, so we scheduled some time to strike out for an afternoon of bowling fun. But, then we got even busier and had to postpone our fun for a bit because, well...split happens! Our two teams went through a highly selective recruiting process: 1. They work here. [...]

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S’More Personalization + S’More Family Fun = S’More Engagement

Did you know that: social media, recipes, videos and blogs are the four strongest mediums today outside of TV? We did—so we used all four together in a dynamic campaign to create fun social media content that drove consumers to interact directly with our client’s brand, Campfire Marshmallows. Soft and fluffy Campfire Marshmallows enjoy a [...]

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The day was warm, the beer was cold, and our spirits were high as our team headed out to enjoy a lively game of baseball at beautiful Miller Park in Milwaukee. When our summer company outing was over, we were refreshed, renewed, and ready to: pitch in, play through any injuries, and knock our work [...]

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Getting More INsight at IFT18

IFT’s Annual Event and Food Expo is one of the largest events of its kind: four transformative days bringing together science of food professionals from around the globe, “with the intention to inspire and transform collective knowledge into innovative solutions to help advance our planet’s food safety, nutrition, and sustainability.”* We’ll be there. In fact, [...]

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