How to Win Over Your Sales Team and Customers…At the Same Time

You know the feeling; you proudly present the new sales collateral to your sales team, only to have it met with eye rolls, shrugs, and maybe even a snicker. You’ve worked so hard on it; what could be wrong? Chances are, the collateral you’d been toiling over wasn’t what your team really needs to communicate clearly with potential buyers. In today’s complex selling environment, your salespeople need an assortment of tools to satisfy increasingly educated buyers who have a variety of needs—and pain points.

Today, collateral needs to work overtime just to deal with everyday selling challenges. It’s not enough to provide a hard copy—you and your sales team may need digital material for emailing, new ways to present in person and via teleconference meetings, and customizable options to target prospective customers. It’s never been more important to make sure that your collateral, sales materials and tools be nimble, responsive and effective—for your sales team and your customers.

At ColinKurtis, we partner with you to develop the needs of your sales team, for marketing and sales efforts. We do it by listening to your salespeople, using online surveys or in-person interviews to assess what they require. Then, we create the exact tools they need to share information with customers, like the sales portal we developed for our client ADM Fibersol. The result? A sales enablement platform that: 1. connects the dots between marketing and sales, 2. adds more value and quality to customer interactions, and 3. works overtime, so you don’t have to.

Check out some of our latest work and see how we can help you win sales and influence people! Find out more by contacting New Account Development Manager Mitch at 815.965.6657 ext. 1 or

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