Sure, you’ve wondered—and maybe you were afraid to ask.
Do we need an agency? What could they do to help? What is it that they do, exactly?

If you have ever wondered how an agency partner might truly help, we’ve got your answers.

20 Reasons to Have a Partner Agency
(feel free to print this list to present to your boss; we even bolded nos. 1 & 2 for you)

1. Marketing is often the missing element to success.
2. You have a lack of internal resources—one of you just isn’t enough to go around.

As an agency partner, we offer:
3. Strategy…instead of guesswork or knee-jerk reactions
4. Ability to define your real marketing needs
•brand identity building
•brand awareness
•brand knowledge
•increased lead opportunities
5. Specialized knowledge in your area of business—no need to train us
6. Media-savvy expertise, ‘cause we know our way around media relations
7. Ability to get your brand in the news
8. Defined metrics so you know what is working, for your ROI
9. A consistent look that fits your brand
10. Qualification and development of sales tools that are current and compatible with your selling needs 
11. The adoration of your sales team, esp. due to nos. 10, 12, and 13
12. Website development that drives traffic and increases business
13. Better trade show results
14. Videos that matter
15. Critical redefinition of your brand, when necessary
16. Internal communication needs
17. Ability to get you to market faster and more accurately
18. Shared knowledge and expertise as thought leaders
19. Capacity to work hard for you every day—and be enjoyable to work with at the same time
20. INcitement for your brand

Every day, you fight the good fight for your brand to succeed—often alone, and with limited resources. You’ve been looking for help, but haven’t found exactly what you need.

That’s where an agency partner comes in. ColinKurtis provides the support you need for your brand to progress and succeed, which may seem difficult with the limited resources you have to work with.

Check out some of our latest work. Find out more by contacting New Account Development Manager Mitch at 815.965.6657 ext. 1 or

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