CuliNEX CuliNEX, a food industry product innovator and developer, combines over 250 years of expertise to deliver flavor-first options consumers will love. Founded in 2005 on the foundation of plant-based and clean label foods, they’ve worked with brands both small and large to ensure success from ideation to commercialization. ColinKurtis [...]



Innophos Innophos manufactures essential ingredients, chelated minerals and innovative specialty phosphates that help improve customers’ quality of life. With a long history in the industry, the Innophos brand has expanded over time to include nutrition ingredients such as botanicals. Together with ColinKurtis, Innophos grew brand awareness for Chelamax® minerals [...]



NAI NAI, the industry-leading formulator of customized nutritional supplements, is the only manufacturer and distributor of beta-alanine supplements on the market. They strive for excellence in science-based formulations, with credible research to back all research claims. Through a partnership with SR CarnoSyn®, current clients of ColinKurtis Advertising, NAI was [...]

SR CarnoSyn


SR CarnoSyn® SR CarnoSyn® delivers one of the most science-backed supplements available for turnkey private labeling and custom formulation. After years of rigorous clinical testing, their healthy aging and wellness beta-alanine products are backed by science to meet consumer demand with five main health benefits: brain health & mood [...]



Sokol Custom Foods Sokol Custom Foods has been serving the food industry for over 125 years. Today, they meet the demand for CPG, retail, foodservice and more by offering the capabilities and technical expertise to create their customers’ ideal sauces. Specializing in developing made-to-order wet fill solutions, Sokol helps [...]

Jim Beam


Jim Beam Jim Beam took BBQ sauce and made it an American grilling necessity—with a lick of the world’s finest bourbon. Developing a flavorful sauce for every taste bud and occasion is not an easy task, but surely, eight generations of Beam family bourbon distilling can handle any challenge. [...]



FFP FFP proudly sources the highest quality food and beverage ingredients produced in the U.S. and provides nature’s finest ingredients to help customers create delicious and functional products. Delivering proprietary tea, coffee, and juice extraction as well as all-natural meat performance and protection, they source directly from partners they [...]



Epogee Epogee helps keep the flavor and lose the calories in consumers’ favorite foods and beverages. With their revolutionary EPG alternative fat technology, they are poised to change the world of food and beverage, by fulfilling the greatest unmet need in food today: dramatic calorie reduction, without compromise. strategic [...]