CANNON EQUIPMENT Cannon is the premier designer and manufacturer of material handling carts, cages, racks, and automation equipment used in dairies and newspaper operations. We developed a website and sales app that were monumental in steering their different types of customers in the right direction, and allowed for a [...]

GH Cretors


G.H. CRETORS Ever since great-grandpa Cretors invented the popcorn machine in 1885, the Cretors family has been perfecting the art of popping corn. Five generations later, they still use authentic ingredients to give modern families the tasty treat. G.H. Cretors Chicago Blend popcorn is so good you might not [...]



KEMIN Kemin improves the quality of life with ingredients that deliver important nutrition and health benefits. Their meat and poultry solutions keep things fresh with label-friendly ingredients like rosemary. Freshness was also the objective when Kemin asked us to develop a tactical campaign to raise awareness that they are [...]



PRINOVA Prinova is more than meets the eye—the company started as an ingredient supplier, and has expanded to include flavors and custom blending solutions. Through immersion, we found the Prinova brand had become siloed—into Prinova Ingredients, Prinova Flavors, and Prinova Solutions—and that their customers weren’t taking advantage of all [...]



TRINIDAD BENHAM Trinidad Benham is known for beans, rice, popcorn…and aluminum foil! They highlight their unique combination of private label products with forward-thinking solutions like their fun video, “Why Beans Rice and Foil.” Trinidad Benham has been with us for a decade, working collaboratively on an assortment of projects, [...]

UL Prospector


UL PROSPECTOR, a free online database, offers unparalleled access to technical data on suppliers’ products, and expertise in certification, validation, testing…you name it. Pretty smart, but unlike ColinKurtis, it was new to the food ingredient market. Since the product is strictly online, we knew we needed to reach [...]

Vapor Power


VAPOR POWER Vapor Power has been providing steam generation and earning a reputation as the premier designer and manufacturer of boilers, steam generators and liquid phase heaters for over a century. But in recent years, their marketing had lost some steam; that’s where we came in. Together, we developed [...]



Z-BURN Fitness One, creators of cutting-edge, results-driven fitness products, launched a revolutionary nighttime fat loss supplement, Z-BURN®. Since losing fat while you sleep is hard to believe, we knew the ad should reflect exactly how that worked. It also had to be eye-catching and different, in the crowded weight-loss [...]

ADM Sugar


ADM SUGAR ADM Sugar offers a full line of genuine sugar products and blends sourced from sugar cane or sugar beets for a variety of uses. We gave their products a little sugar by developing a brochure that looked beautiful and delivered relevant content to hit the reader’s sweet [...]



ADM CLARISOY More protein? Sure. Clear protein? Wow! ADM’s CLARISOY™, the only line of transparent soy proteins, provide protein to nutritional beverages in a great-tasting way. We started at the beginning, before this innovative product even had a name, but we knew it needed to make its own statement. [...]