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Your Guide to Launching a B2B Food & Beverage Brand on Social Media

Getting started on social media can seem overwhelming and intimidating, so here are 5 tips for launching your B2B food and beverage brand on social media. By having clear goals and proper funding, you can build a strong social media presence. It may not seem like social media has a strategy other than posting the [...]

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25 Favorite Ads of All Time from an Ad Agency

The year was 1996. The world learned the Macarena. Judge Judy brought her no-nonsense attitude to our TV screens. Oprah launched her book club. The Spice Girls started a revolution. Baked Lay’s, Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich and ColinKurtis Advertising were born! Now it’s 2021, and ColinKurtis, a leading food and beverage marketing agency, is celebrating [...]

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