This statement may never be truer than it is at an industry trade show. Though trade shows are one of the most profitable business-to-business (B2B) media strategies, according to, they are also filled to the brim with businesses competing for your potential customer’s attention.

So, it’s important to pick the right strategy and stand out in the crowd. The folks at Van Drunen Farms understand this, and they also know that to create their best impression, they need some guidance. We’re proud to say, that’s where ColinKurtis comes in.

We will work together with our newest client, Van Drunen Farms, to create and execute a new marketing plan specifically designed to organize their industry tradeshow presence and maximize value. Van Drunen Farms is a leader in freeze-dried, drum-dried, low-moisture and value-added IQF products, located in Momence, Illinois. They will rely on our key marketing expertise in the Ingredients sector to lead them to a more successful strategic approach at various industry trade shows. We will help Van Drunen Farms choose the correct shows, set clear objectives, create an effective exhibit, promote their presence, and plan their follow-up strategy.

We know that Van Drunen Farms produces an extended line of premium ingredients—fruits, vegetables, herbs and other specialty items—that are consistent, wholesome and functional. Now we will work together to ensure that their potential customers know this as well.

We are excited at the prospects that lie ahead for this partnership and look forward to creating, implementing, and experiencing the results of our shared strategy.

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