20 years. 2 decades. 10,512,000 minutes. No matter how you look at it, 20 years is a long time, but 20 years in business—especially in today’s shifting marketplace—is quite a feat. So, forgive us for being a bit giddy about our 20-year anniversary; we know it’s a special occasion!

Our story (the short version)
Back in 1996, ColinKurtis was just 2 college friends with a dream of starting their own ad agency.

Fast forward two decades and hundreds of clients later, and there are 13 of us—and the dreams keep growing.

How we got here (no boring details)
We have been guided by a principle: when you do the right thing—no matter what—success will follow.

In our case, doing the right thing always INvolves great strategy and great creative. Why? Because great strategy makes sense, great creative gets noticed, but together they get results.

20 years in the advertising business doesn’t happen without INcomparable clients, willing to do the hard work together with us as we navigate the best path for their brand.

What’s next (this year and beyond)
We’ll be celebrating throughout 2016 (officially our new favorite year!) by sharing ways that you, your product, and your brand can be successful. Just think of it as a little thank you, to you from us, the INfo you need to succeed. Because, no matter how you measure them, we have had 20 INcredible years—and look forward to many more, thanks to you!





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