How to Win Over Your Sales Team and Customers…At the Same Time

You know the feeling; you proudly present the new sales collateral to your sales team, only to have it met with eye rolls, shrugs, and maybe even a snicker. You’ve worked so hard on it; what could be wrong? Chances are, the collateral you’d been toiling over wasn’t what your team really needs to communicate [...]

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How to Make the Private Label Bestseller List

When private label manufacturers don’t make the most of their marketing efforts, they sell themselves short—and can end up on a waitlist instead of a purchase order. How can they optimize their business? Today, we chatted with ColinKurtis founder and president, Colin Kampmier, who shared how private label marketing can maximize sales. Colin says private [...]

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Winning the Private Label Popularity Contest

There are many reasons to celebrate at this year’s PLMA show, Store Brands and Beyond. After all, in 2014— private label’s market share reached almost 25% of U.S. unit sale and has expanded faster than national brands total private label sales were a record $115.3 billion in supermarkets, nearly 1 in 4 products sold and $1 [...]

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What’s Your Story?

“Make the customer the hero of your story.” – Ann Handley At ColinKurtis, we’re lucky to have some of the best talent in the industry. Today, we chatted with our own PR guru, Director of Media Relations Carrie Livingston, who generously shared her top five best PR practices—we like to call them mantras: 1. Plan Ahead! [...]

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Off to the Races

Once again, after we ran a good race, we decided to celebrate by watching others work hard. This time, we were off to Arlington Race Track for an afternoon of fun watching the ponies run. Although we all had a great deal of fun on a crisp and clear day, it never hurts to learn [...]

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The CK Baseball Odyssey

  At ColinKurtis, we know how to work—and play—hard. So, to commemorate some of our recent home-run efforts, we decided to watch someone else play hard. We took off bright and early on a beautiful Friday morning, gathered our co-workers and piled into a fancy party bus—destination: Wrigleyville Rooftops, for the Cubs vs. the Phillies. [...]

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Trade Show Tips

There’s nothing quite like a trade show, with its jam-packed schedule and variety of offerings. You know that your trade show presence is important to your success, but where do you begin? The benefits are undeniable, but your effort may feel gargantuan, so we’re here to help you navigate and optimize your experience there. Here’s [...]

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New CK Website Goes Live

A lot of exciting new things have been going on at ColinKurtis. We’ve been busy, to say the least. At CK, we’ve been growing in all kinds of ways, most importantly, growing our customers’ business, and we want to share some of the goodness with you. All this activity inspired us to reinvent our own [...]

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