Super Bowl 2024 Commercials That Ruled the Breaks

It’s Super Bowl season, and the crowds are cheering not only for their favorite team, but also for their favorite ads. In fact, there’s nothing worse than seeing a bad ad or your least favorite celeb on the screen for a SECOND time. Like c’mon man—we want to see the play, not Taylor Swift again. But hey, she’s great PR for the NFL, making them $331 million prior to Super Bowl Sunday.

And, she’s not the only celebrity catching air this Sunday. ColinKurtis dives headfirst into the snacks and the ads, with a full list of our agency’s top favorites. Take a look and let us know if we missed anything!

 DISCLAIMER: There are SPOILER ALERTS, so if you’re saving the ad watching for Sunday, don’t read on. Bookmark this page and come back after the weekend. 

Before we dig in, here are a few common themes we’re picking up on:

  • Celebs still rule the screen.
  • Ads as film.
  • Memes as ads.
  • Be weird or GTFO.
  • History repeats itself.


1. “We’re Running Low on Bud!”

The Budweiser horses save the day—the old school way. And when you’re from the Midwest (like many of our team members), you know how a frigid winter storm can keep you locked up at home for too long, leaving you without “the essentials.” If only one of our clients had horses and a wagon, we could have Budweiser too, right?


2. Twist on it: Oreo Edition

Call it a fun take on “flipping a coin” or a sweet way to bring a modern snack into historical moments of the past, this commercial’s spot-on in appealing to a wide audience. The concept certainly has the potential for longevity as a campaign beyond a single commercial using other memorable moments in time and different celebrities. (Can I see Barbie eating an Oreo, please?)


3. The Beckham’s Meme-Turned Super Bowl Ad

The world memes Victoria Beckham for not admitting her father drove a Rolls Royce car in the Beckham’s latest Netflix documentary. Rightfully so. It’s no surprise that Uber Eats picked up this viral meme, dropping it into a Super Bowl ad everyone with an Instagram account will get. You might not love it, but we do!


4. Judge Beauty

What episode of Suits was this? And since when was beauty a crime? Judith Sheindlin, three of the stars of Suits and Meghan Trainor take on the world’s strangest court case in an e.l.f commercial designed to show us how cruelty-free makeup can be affordable too. It’s glam. It’s effective. And it’s perfectly cast for their target audience.


5. Agent State FarmReady, Set, Produce

Arnold Schwarzenegger can say “neighbaaa” any way he wants. ColinKurtis lives for the celebrity pick here, the script and how it’s treated like a film—from start to finale. We’re already on the lookout for part 2! We think this concept will appeal to older generations who grew up watching Arnold’s rise to stardom, action movie lovers and maybe even those who appreciate his amazing email newsletters (marketers, check this out, seriously).


6. Hellman’s Gets Real… Strange

Of course Pete Davidson ends up getting dumped by a cat. It simply doesn’t get weirder, and that’s why our team loved it. Kate McKinnon and “Mayo Cat” save the leftovers in this fantastical commercial about mayonnaise. Well, I guess it’s not just mayonnaise, right? It’s Hellman’s. There’s a difference. We especially believe it’s capitalizing on trending pop culture moments, which will appeal well to some of the Gen Z and Millennial viewers.


7. “A Cheese Board!”

Some of us may have a hard time Googling and finding this comedic commercial online…Wow, I’m actually starting to think this is the whole point. The SEO results must be incredible! Anyway, with hundreds of unique and customized cheese boards available on Etsy, you can find anything for anyone using their new “Gift Mode” option—even the French, who gifted the U.S. the Statue of Liberty. It’s another memorable commercial (like the Oreo one) hitting on great historical moments from the past.


Give Us a Break!

Team CK had a blast eating snacks—and tuning into the Super Bowl Game for the ads. Hey, it’s what we do and we’re not ashamed of that.

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