Five 2024 Food, Beverage and Nutrition Trends That Will Leave You Craving More

The world is an endless buffet of trends, and as an advertising agency that specializes in food, beverage and nutrition marketing, ColinKurtis continues to learn and adapt our strategies to better serve our clients. Our team of experts put together a comprehensive guide of the top trends that industry leaders, like yourself, can use to empower their brands’ marketing strategies. Here are some of the highlights!


1. Taste and Cost As Non-Negotiables

Traditionally, consumers’ #1 purchase driver has been taste, but with inflation mounting and trips to the grocery store or restaurant becoming more expensive, consumers are taking note and coping with a keener focus on cost savings. In fact, 90% of consumers have noticed price increases, with 72% describing them as “major,” and 76% say price affects their buying behavior.1 At the same time, taste still has an impact on decision making, so food and beverage products still need to taste good to be worth the cost.


2. Exciting Eating Experiences

When it comes to American consumers, exciting eating experiences are the most recent trend impacting the development of food, beverage and nutraceutical products. New products are changing the industry through the incorporation of ethnic flavors, adventurous experiences and spice. 

The top ethnic cuisines are currently:2

  • Chinese
  • Mexican
  • Thai
  • Indian
  • Korean

As for the spice, consumers like to turn up the heat with:3

  • Scorpion Peppers
  • Guajilo
  • Hungarian Goathorn Peppers


3. Holistic Wellness

Wellness and overall health are areas consumers take into account when making purchases. Healthy aging, weight management, gut health, personalization and women’s health are popular motivations when it comes to deciding how to spend. 68% say that vitamins and supplements play an important role in physical, mental and emotional health and help lead themselves to their ideal level of wellness.4 Gummy supplements are a popular form of supplement that continues to grow with 47% of adults and 64% of Gen Z consumer preference.5 Learn more about the rise of gummies on our blog.


4. Value-Based Purchasing

Nearly half of U.S. consumers consider themselves value-oriented consumers.6. They are more likely to spend money with companies that align with their values, needs and preferences. Sustainability is  one of those values, and companies that make efforts toward renewable energy, responsible sourcing, regenerative agriculture, low waste and low carbon footprint are more likely to gain the trust of this type of consumer. In fact, 47% of millennials are happy to pay more for sustainable packaging.7


5. Where In The World Is Plant-Based

Plant-based alternatives are products consumers are ready to convert to, but they aren’t willing to give up taste, texture, quality, price or short recognizable lists of ingredients. Some consumers are concerned about taste; about 48% people avoid these products for that reason.9 Dairy alternative products range from milk  to cheese, yogurt and ice cream—giving food and beverage companies lots of room for innovative product launches. Gen Z specifically is a big part of the plant-based movement, with 50% saying eating less meat reduces their carbon footprint8 and 36% limiting their meat consumption.10 

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We’re an agency that’s known to take things off our clients’ plates. And no, we won’t steal your favorite dish—just the ones you’re willing to hand off. If you have any questions about food, beverage and nutrition trends, contact Mitch Robinson at or call 815-965-6657 EXT. 1


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Matt Hensler
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