Gummies Are All the Rage: Everything You Need to Know About Gummy Vitamins

In the past few years, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have become increasingly more interested in maintaining their health. This led to a boom in popularity of vitamin, mineral and supplement (VMS) products. As of 2022, 76% of Americans are regular vitamin users.

Gummy vitamins are no exception; they have seen a huge increase in popularity. The global gummy vitamin market grew from $6.47B in 2022 to $7.13B in 2023. Of vitamin users, 41% prefer their supplements in gummy form, which is the second largest segment after 44% who prefer tablets.


Benefits of Gummy Vitamins over Traditional Capsules and Tablets

There are over 29,000 dietary supplements available in the U.S. This leaves consumers with an overwhelming amount of options, but the benefits of gummy products make them stand out among traditional applications.


Great Candy-like Taste & Texture

Gummy vitamins, minerals and supplements taste and feel like gummy candy. Their great taste appeals to vitamin users. Consumers look forward to the gummy taste and texture which helps them remember to take vitamins daily.


Easy to Take

In contrast to capsules, tables and soft gel applications, gummies are chewed instead of swallowed. Around 38% of American individuals have difficulties swallowing medicines. Gummy VMS products are a great alternative for these individuals with such difficulties.


Limitations of Gummy Applications

The tasty chewiness of gummy VMS products comes with pitfalls, including what makes them taste so good—sugar. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to health issues such as tooth decay and heart disease. 

Gummy vitamins typically contain 2 to 8 grams of sugar per serving, which may not seem like a lot, but the American Heart Association recommends a daily consumption of up to 36 grams of sugar for men and 24 grams of sugar for women. So even though gummy VMS products have health benefits, they are a sneaky way for excess sugar to make its way into consumers’ diets.

Additionally, this great taste can lead to overconsumption of the vitamins themselves. They’re easy to snack on, much like candy. Overconsumption of gummy vitamins can put consumers at risk of ingesting too much of a certain nutrient, which can cause harm and digestive discomfort. Following serving suggestions is critical with these types of products.


What’s Next for Gummy Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

The popularity of gummy vitamins is projected to continue to grow; the global gummy vitamins market is estimated to reach $12.47 billion by 2031

Growth in this market is predicted to be driven by consumers’ growing interest in plant-based products. The potential for a significant increase in the vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian population will increase the demand for plant-based gummy vitamins. This means there is an opportunity for more plant-based, pectin gelatin products as opposed to traditional, animal-based gelatin formulas.

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