How to Personalize Your Website for Several Target Audiences

Our client Trinidad Benham knew it was time to update and redesign their website to improve its functionality and responsiveness. Since the company serves customer audiences ranging from dry edible bean growers to retail category development managers to foodservice operators, the folks at Trinidad Benham wanted to create a better way to speak to and serve each of those audiences.

When we got together for our initial web discovery sessions, we soon decided that it was important to provide an effective resource of relevant information for each of these target audiences, in addition to showcasing all of Trinidad Benham’s product lines and services.

Our web team worked closely with the team at Trinidad Benham to ensure the most effective results. Web and Social Media Director Leslie Lane shared the website’s improvements with us, saying, “Together, we reorganized the web content with better-segmented information to develop and create a personalized, user-focused website. Not only does the new site better speak to multiple audiences, we ensured that it functions better on mobile, since so many users access websites on their phones today.” Web and Social Media Coordinator Laura Huff adds, “We worked with the team at Trinidad to curate relevant website content that is now easy to navigate, no matter what you are looking for.”

The new responsive, user-friendly website introduces each audience to the solutions Trinidad provides to meet their specific business needs. Each target audience has a clearly identified path and the appropriate amount of relevant information desired by each customer group, including new product offerings, packaging information, market insights and much more. The site features a clean and fresh modern look with beautiful custom photography.

The results speak for themselves, with:

  • tripled pageviews
  • monthly user rate at an all-time high
  • a 22% increase in monthly user loyalty rate

Find out more about personalizing your user experience. Because ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing never fit anyone, ever.

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