Did We Happen to Mention: Global Award-Winning Campaign?

When Kemin Food Technologies asked us to help convey a complex marketing message, we jumped at the chance, because we love nothing more than a real challenge. The message? Kemin helps manufacturers achieve the label claim goals that today’s consumers want to see—like non-GMO and gluten free—without sacrificing shelf life.

The resulting “World of Claims” ad campaign—targeting both meat & poultry and baking & snack segments—illustrates how Kemin can help customers navigate that world successfully.

Art Director Kate Schupbach shared with us how the campaign came to be: “From the beginning, the ‘World of Claims’ concept was a fun, unique one that brought up interesting visuals. I felt like I had a fun idea from the beginning (a donut and meatball planet with snack and sausage stars?!), and lucked out when the rest of the CK design and copy team agreed and helped get it to where it needed to be. This is a great example of a client who isn’t afraid to be a little creative with visuals and support them with a strong, clear message and headline. The campaign is very memorable—the proteins version is internally and lovingly referred to as ‘flying meat chunks’—and I think this is a part of why it was successful. With very few revisions, the ads look just as originally intended and concepted, which is always exciting. I credit a knowledgeable account manager and creative team for that—a total team effort and win/win!”

The Kemin campaign fit in perfectly with their existing look and feel featuring a dark chalkboard background which helps compelling photography and messaging stand out. It was executed across print platforms with ads and a white paper and across digital platforms with eblasts and online ads, as well as appearing on the refreshed Kemin trade show booth.

Even better? When the global Kemin Food Technologies team came together for a meeting with all of their global business units and corporate team members, the World of Claims campaign was voted “Best Ad” among their global business units, by a landslide. We couldn’t agree more.

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