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Understanding your audience—and responding to their needs
—increases connection and loyalty


A ColinKurtis Case Study

Since our client Trinidad Benham serves a wide variety of customers, they wanted to launch a brand new website with better segmented information to serve each of their audiences. At the same time, the company wanted to create a series of timely email blasts for consistent communication with their current and potential customers.

Trinidad Benham is a thriving food products corporation located in Denver, CO—and a client of ColinKurtis for over 10 years. As a private label provider and commercial supplier, they sell beans, rice and foil, but their true focus is on service, integrity and quality products.


With audiences including dry edible bean growers, retail category development managers and foodservice operators, the team at Trinidad knew that to serve them all, the company needed to capitalize on their trusted reputation, continue to cultivate their own identity, and create an attachment with each of their varied audiences.

trb website


Over an intensive collaborative period, the ColinKurtis and Trinidad Benham teams worked together to create and develop a user-focused website design that would showcase all of Trinidad Benham’s product lines and services, and most importantly, provide an effective resource of relevant information for each target audience. The result is a responsive, user-friendly website with a clean and fresh modern look featuring beautiful custom photography that highlights Trinidad’s unique product offerings. The site introduces each audience to the solutions Trinidad provides to meet their business needs. Each target audience has a clearly identified path and the appropriate amount of relevant information desired by each customer group, including new product offerings, packaging information, market insights and much more.

At the same time, ColinKurtis created a template for the electronic direct mail campaign that allows for different key messages within each eblast and reflects the look and tone of the newly launched website, for a cohesive branding message. The templates and content vary for the two audience segments, general customers and grower partners, and utilize timely releases centered around key drivers such as seasonal offerings, trade shows, buying and growing seasons, and releases of industry reports.

Both the website and eblast campaign feature the personalization that is a key element in today’s marketing landscape—with rich content that is timely, relevant and valuable to visitors, strengthening the overall brand following and audience interactions.

trb edm

“The ColinKurtis team did an amazing job on our company’s website redesign. They were there from start to finish and supported us throughout the journey. Our account manager helped us manage through some difficult times and provided us their expertise in getting to the perfect website.”  —Kylah Farih, Trinidad Benham

Reached an all-time high for monthly users, 4% higher than previous record
Increased traffic by 20% in first two months of launch
Pageviews more than tripled, exceeding forecasts
Increased monthly user loyalty rate by more than 22%

18% average open rate on general eblasts (with highs of: 21% open rate and 2.51% click-through rate)
42% average open rate on grower eblasts (with highs of: 51% open rate and 4.4% click-through rate)