How AI Can Assist Your Copy and Content Writing

At first glance, AI copywriting tools may seem shocking due to their speed and breadth of information. But keep in mind, unlike content created by living, breathing writers, nothing AI writes is completely original.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is how AI platforms generate copy in human languages. These tools take existing online content and details that they are fed by the user and formulaically synthesize copy to match the user’s prompt. To put it simply, AI takes content that already exists and mixes it up a bit. It can’t generate entirely new ideas.

Having original content is critical to a brand’s SEO performance. Due to the copious amounts of content available online, Google prefers and rewards originality. If you’re not careful, AI-generated content can be eerily similar to works already online and can therefore bring down SEO performance. Plus, it’s not all about SEO; you want your content to be unique and catch readers’ attention. Originality is critical when it comes to creating high-performing content.

The strategic “big picture” work and much more need to be left to human marketers, but there are numerous ways AI has the potential to make content creation more efficient.

Brainstorming to Get Creative Juices Flowing

AI-generated copy is a quick way to beat writer’s block and get the copywriting process started. As stated before, AI doesn’t have original ideas, but it can provide a starting point to inspire your own concepts.

Identify key talking points you want to discuss in your copy and see what AI has to say about it. Be sure to understand the parameters of the AI platform you choose to use, and always approach AI generated copy with a healthy sense of skepticism. Never assume any statements it makes are true and always review AI generated copy before using it.

Plus, AI doesn’t know the complete voice and tone of your brand; yes, you can prompt AI to have a certain tone, but your brand’s voice should be unique and may not be able to be replicated by AI.

Copy Variations for A/B Testing

AI can be used to generate variations of your existing copy to be used for A/B testing. Why write about the same topic twice, when you can just do it once? Additionally, there are AI platforms out there made to specifically generate B variations and perform testing, especially on email subject lines and open rates.

Background Information & Basic Research

You can use AI to generate summaries of content. Feed AI articles you find online that you want to use as background knowledge in your work, and it can write up a quick summary. This allows you to spend less time reading and more time putting those insights to use.

But if you plan on citing statistics or quoting from these articles, it’s best to forego AI summaries and read them yourself. AI isn’t perfect and there have been instances of it generating incorrect, misleading or biased information.

Be Wary of Plagiarism

To protect yourself against plagiarizing, never use AI-written copy as your own; always tweak and make it your own. AI copywriting essentially scrapes the internet for existing content on a topic and regurgitates that information. To create high-quality, original copy, it’s best to at least put your spin on AI-generated copy, or just use it as an outline and re-write the copy altogether.

Proceed with Caution

In summary, the booming popularity of AI platforms is warranted. There are a multitude of ways it can be used to save time, and therefore save money and resources. But AI should never be used to write all of your copy; it’s a great tool to enhance content creation. Brands still need a human element to their copywriting process to make sure content is accurate and meets brand standards.

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