A Turning Point in the World of Social Media

Despite being a brand-new platform, Threads by Meta has already made a significant impact on the internet. Recently launched in early July, Threads gained around 5 million new users in the early hours of its release. The app currently has over 100 million users. Due to how quickly the platform gained universal attention, Threads creates a turning point in the world of social media by capitalizing on the shift away from its competitor’s platform Twitter, which was recently rebranded to X.

How Threads Works

The app offers users a platform to share posts in text form, photos or videos in a public space for conversation and engagement. Threads, according to Meta, represents the expansion of its partnering platform, Instagram, but in a simpler format. On the app, users can connect with their friends and other content creators. The main feed displays continuous ‘threads’ of text posts, with or without image or video attachments, including the post’s likes and comments. 

Threads allows for users to share, view or interact with a variety of text feed content. When initially signing up on Threads, the social media platform gives users the option to log in to the user’s Instagram account, instantly transferring that account’s general information, such as who they follow, onto the app.  

How Threads Stands Out

Although functionally similar to Twitter, Threads differentiates itself by offering a method of using social media in a text-only format. With the creation of this new app, Meta aims to continue targeting current Instagram users and especially previous Twitter users who are not satisfied with the platform’s new guidelines and restrictions. The app is focused on remaining easily accessible, by connecting the Threads and Instagram platforms, and attractive to its users through the onboarding of many celebrities, well-known influencers and even some world leaders. 

Aside from Threads only offering a singular main feed to scroll through, the app also contains features that can create less distractions for users when using the social media platform. Threads does not have a direct message (also known as DM) option; hence, you cannot privately message another user on the app. Whenever a user posts, they are limited to 500 characters of text and hashtags are currently not available to use. In comparison to Twitter, Threads also does not limit the amount of posts a user can interact with per day.

What This Means for Brands

The brands that joined Threads and are active on the app “are generating more likes per post in the app than on Twitter, with an overall average sitting at about eight times their normal tweet engagement”, according to a study conducted by Website Planet. Being in the high-stakes position of competing with Twitter, Threads has already created better opportunities that attracted many users in a short period of time. Early research on Threads has discovered that the platform is following the right path towards becoming a prominent social media outlet. 

Brands that are looking to join the social media platform already have the advantage of taking control of Thread’s early success. If brands take the opportunity to expand their content onto Threads, it can improve their social media presence as well as engagement rates, especially since the app can connect a user’s Instagram account information to their Threads account. Incorporating a growing platform like Threads can ultimately boost your brand’s credibility. Businesses are still learning how to use this new social media platform and what will work for their brand or not; don’t be afraid to experiment with Threads and discover how it can increase engagement. 

Keeping Up With Change

Social media is ultimately an ever-changing technology, especially with new advancements like the creation of Threads making an impact on the internet. Alongside new ideas and strategies arising with changes, social media companies are constantly faced with competition. Remaining aware of changes and advancements in the world of social media is crucial, as social media serves many beneficial purposes. At ColinKurtis Advertising, we believe that implementing these social media platforms, through social media marketing practices, is effective for improving your food, beverage or nutrition brand. 

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