The Rise of Personalized Vitamin Packs: Tailoring Health for the Individual

In an era where technology is king and individuals seek tailored solutions for their daily lives, it’s no surprise that personalized daily vitamin packs have gained significant popularity.

The global market value of personalized nutrition products was approximated at 8.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, and it is anticipated to experience substantial expansion. Projections indicate that by 2025, the market will double in size, with a predicted compound annual growth rate of 15%.

In fact, with personalized nutrition being so top of mind, ColinKurtis Advertising had the opportunity to tap into Mackenzie Leith’s industry expertise on this latest trend. As the Marketing Manager for Kemin Human Nutrition & Health, she understands the science behind personalized nutrition, having worked closely with their formulation processes, potential limitations as well as the future of the evolving Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS) market.

Customized Health for All

According to Leith, the rising popularity of personalized daily vitamin packs can be attributed to two key factors:

  1. Access to advanced health-tracking technologies
  2. Growing interest in individualized dietary choices

She states, “Consumers now have access to technologies that can track individual health stats such as sleep duration or steps walked, providing information on their personal health. They also seek apps for meal planning around their goals and specific diet types like keto or whole 30. Consumers want to use this information to find the best option to meet their own personal needs.”

The trend also aligns with consumer demand for more functional foods and beverages as they seek more sustainable and healthier options.

Unveiling the Power Behind Personalization

When it comes to the science behind personalized vitamin packs, Leith emphasizes that “one-size doesn’t fit all.”

Personalized nutrition, or precision nutrition, suggests that various elements play a role in a person’s diet, especially the gut microbiota. As a result, upcoming nutritional approaches consider other factors to determine the necessary VMS recommendations, including but not limited to:

  • Specific food consumers
  • Biochemic markers
  • Physical activity
  • Genetic differences
  • Gut microbiota

Pros and Challenges: Crafting the Perfect Personalized Fit

Traditional multivitamins consider the average healthy adult when determining dosage and ingredient makeup. However, personalized vitamin packs focus on the individual’s specific genetic makeup and lifestyle goals and desires. Formulation can be based on questionnaires assessing an individual’s needs or direct biomarker analysis.

Despite the growing popularity of personalized vitamin packs, there are limitations and challenges to overcome. The primary hurdle? Providing customized, single-serve items at an affordable cost to consumers. Individual packaging, shipping and labor-intensive processes contribute to the complexity of delivering personalized nutrition on a large scale.

Redefining the Future of Health

Advances in technology, such as wearables and genetic testing, are poised to revolutionize the future of personalized vitamin packs.

“Technology for personal health assessment is rapidly becoming more accessible,” Leith states. Developments in phone technology, wearable devices—such as Fitbit and Apple watches—and lab testing have made personalized health more accessible and affordable.

To support the personalized supplement movement, Kemin Human Nutrition & Health focuses on providing specialty functional ingredients to support various health platforms:

  • Immunity
  • Sleep
  • Cognition
  • Eye Health
  • Weight Management
  • Beauty from Within
  • Oral Care

Leith notes, “As manufacturers start diving into personalized nutrition concepts, many times they are seeking out one specific area of focus where our ingredients could offer a benefit. For example, a manufacturer looking to innovate with a cognition-focused product will find a clinically studied solution using Kemin ingredients such as Neumentix™ or FloraGLO®. Our Customer Laboratory Services team can help with the innovation process by providing formulation guidance to use the product in the desired application the company would like.”

While personalized nutrition has been around for some time, recent market developments are increasing its popularity. Leith predicts the industry will see more partnerships develop between companies with capabilities for more advanced testing as well as more lifestyle and consumer preference surveys and questionnaires to determine an individual’s needs.

Personalized Health & Beyond

Today’s consumers continue to strive higher and higher for optimal health, as personalized nutrition opens doors to individualized well-being, empowering those around them to take charge of their own health journeys. As consumers express a desire for more personalized approaches, companies like Kemin Human Health & Nutrition deliver the specialty functional ingredients that offer unique benefits to meet the individual’s health ambitions.

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