How 2023’s Top 5 Global Trends Impact Your F&B Marketing

It’s not too late to start 2023 off with a trend-forward marketing strategy. From understanding the shift in generational buying power to taking advantage of the trends that will set you apart from your competitors, it’s crucial for any food and beverage company to deliver relevant and fresh content consistently. The top five global trends can inspire your next big product launch campaign or help you branch out with your messaging tactics.

1. The Youthening

Gen Z’s buying power has a huge influence on the types of innovative products that come to the market, and how we, as marketers, should talk about them. During this buying power wealth transfer, the Gen Z population continues to make their values clear, with sustainability and environmental concerns at the top of their priority list. According to the IFIC 2022 report, Gen Z seems to take a more holistic approach as compared to its older counterparts.

One of Gen Z’s priorities when it comes to buying foods, beverages or nutrients includes a focus on emotional and mental health. Products that provide stress reduction and help them optimize their health and wellbeing are more in-demand than ever before.

Overall, Gen Z’s purchasing power is roughly $100 billion compared to millennials, with only $65 billion

2. “Less is More” Messaging

Focus on what you want consumers to see. With limited space on the packaging or other digital platforms, it’s more important to connect with your key audience in ways that resonate. Following a hierarchy of brand storytelling needs, such as keeping things simple and concise, providing a clear path with a CTA and delivering messaging consistently across all your platforms will help make you more credible and trustworthy to current customers and potential leads.

Map out your messaging before any large marketing execution and strategically plan out your goals as well as any metrics you’re aiming to achieve in the process. This will help you determine the “customer journey” or flow for potential customers from the get-go, allowing you to view the entire path in a more holistic way.

3. Make Space for Outside Influences

It’s our job as marketers to uncover nuggets to help consumers build connections with our brand. As scientific exploration continues and newly created technology takes flight, one theme that has gained ground recently is space.

If this theme can fit into your brand guardrails, it could be a great one to embrace—especially in the event of a product line launch.  For food and beverage brands, this could involve supporting customers to develop space-themed flavors or packaging designs that are unique, yet relevant—and set you and your customers apart from your competitors. 

4. Power to Perform

Consumers are seeking functional food and beverages that help them feel and perform better. Popular categories for performance-based applications:

  • Senior Nutrition and Healthy Aging
  • Special Nutrition
  • Plant-based

And, as the snackification trend continues into 2023, it has created endless opportunities for manufacturers to deliver performance-related products that meet the demand for better bars, powders (for smoothies and shakes) and more. In some cases, potential customers may not completely understand the purpose of an ingredient. They still may need to be educated on the formulation benefits as well as why consumers want more of it in their diets. Consider thought-leadership blog posts, LinkedIn newsletters, drip email campaigns and other content that can help get your message out there. 

5. Adapting to Our Climate

With climate change top-of-mind for many people today, it’s vital to put your brand’s sustainability claims at the forefront of your messaging. This is a formulation and packing opportunity manufacturers don’t want to miss. Offering different packaging options that are lighter, more portable and made with fewer materials can be a huge value add. Additionally, considering environmentally friendly alternatives to what’s already on the market can differentiate you from competitors who are stuck on using traditional formats.

Anticipating and adapting to any change—even trends—can be challenging for any brand as consumers grow savvier and pay attention to reviews and do their own research. Looking to use today’s global food and beverage trends to take your marketing to the next level? ColinKurtis Advertising works as an extension of your team to identify your company’s goals and support you in creating a strategic marketing plan that reaches your key audience. Contact Mitch Robinson at or call 815.965.6657 EXT. 1 to set up an appointment today.


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