Social Media Best Practices for Food, Beverage & Nutrition Brands in 2024

Now more than ever, food, beverage and nutrition brands should include a social media strategy in their integrated marketing plan. Social media offers companies an outlet to tell their brand story, reach their target audience and build brand awareness/loyalty. Companies in the food, beverage and nutrition industries can implement social media practices in various ways to achieve their 2024 marketing goals.

Set Your 2024 Goals

It’s important to brainstorm, strategize and follow through with your social media plans for your company. Formulating a few goals to achieve for your social media campaign is a great start. Here are 3 key goals to remember when maintaining your business’s social media practices for the 2024 calendar year: 

  • Build Community & Create Brand Awareness: Social media should first build a community to share the brand story and connect with brand and employee advocates. Each company has its personalized values, principles and structure. By staying true to your business’s mission, brand awareness can be strengthened and create brand loyalty within your consumer demographic. 
  • Drive Engagement: Each brand should have a conversion goal—whether it’s engagement on social media (likes, comments, shares), web traffic or advertising purchases. Utilize online platforms, such as Sprout Social, to analyze your social media platforms’ analytical data and content engagement results. 
  • Lead Generation: Social media is crucial for driving web traffic or collecting leads natively for potential customers. By collecting social media analytical data, like SEO and PPC, and applying paid ads on relevant platforms, companies can gain a better sense of their customers’ interests.

Top 5 Social Media Best Practices

Social media strategies for companies, specifically those incorporating B2B marketing practices, fluctuate depending on online trends and consumer preferences and behavior while using social media platforms. We have formulated our 5 best social media practices that can take your company down the right path for the upcoming year: 

  1. Choose a posting schedule and stick with it: Creating a concise calendar is a great way to organize your social media campaign’s monthly content. According to Sprout Social findings, 81% of marketers agree that maintaining a consistent social media posting cadence can help you achieve your business goals. Create a yearly calendar and separate your calendar into quarters, based on your company’s or client’s monthly goals. 
  2. Mix up your content: In a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in July 2021, short articles and posts containing less than 3,000 words were the most frequent B2B content assets used by marketers. Offering a variety of content on your social media platforms provides diversity and creativity for your consumers. Incorporating recent internet trends, emojis, attention-grabbing images or even memes can be helpful in mixing up your content.  
  3. Offer something different and valuable: It can be difficult to curate content that stands out amongst recent trends and other common practices circulating in the social media environment. Ultimately, post content that offers something other than just information. Connect your personal or your company’s experiences to your content—this can make your content more relatable and authentic. 
  4. Stick with user-generated content: According to an article from Search Engine Journal, “Think of high-production content as social media’s stock photography syndrome.” Focusing on user-generated content allows consumers to relate more easily to what you are posting. Utilizing UGC on your social media platforms is essential for joining the “internet conversation.”   
  5. Implement AI: As Artificial Intelligence continues to impact the online world, consider how your business can implement AI and incorporate it into your social media work. Read our blog to learn more about navigating the AI revolution.

To stand out in the ever-changing world of social media, your business should gain a clear understanding of your consumers’ needs and preferences. Step into the shoes of your customers. What do they want? How do they interact on social media? Look out for not only what your customers engage with on their social media accounts, but also why they make these decisions when interacting with content. 

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