5 SEO Best Practices of 2024 for Food, Beverage & Nutrition Brands

Utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for driving traffic to your website and perpetuating your target audience’s engagement. As the use of search engines continues to grow, prioritizing your business’s online visibility and expanding brand loyalty is crucial. The benefits of using SEO are endless—SEO can increase your website traffic, target your ideal target audience and build on your credibility. 


What Are the Goals of SEO?

Based on research from the Search Engine Journal, “the digital marketing channel with the highest ROI was organic search at around 49%.” SEO, if used effectively, can align your website content and organic messaging with any search engine’s algorithms. Practicing unique SEO techniques can ultimately improve your website if you are looking to expand your business’s recognition amongst consumers outside of your current demographic.    

To maintain your food, beverage and nutrition business’s online presence, whether through your social media marketing or website content, it is important to maintain your SEO techniques. Implementing elements of B2B SEO allows for “your consumers or potential consumer base searching for you to find you.” This entails creating an effective and creative strategy to increase general awareness, interest and consideration of your business and what you are selling.


Recommended SEO Best Practices 

According to a Backlinko article, “SEO best practices are a set of tasks that aim to improve a website’s search engine ranking.” Incorporating a consistent set of tasks related to on-site optimization, user experience, keyword focus and tracking results can significantly boost your business’s virtual presence. Here are a few of our top choices of SEO practices for improving your online engagement: 

  1. Do your research: To gain a better understanding of your consumer audience, make sure to conduct research on their online activity, specifically what they are interacting with and how frequently, and their preferences amongst your products and services is key. Aim to develop a deeper interpretation of who exactly is following up with your company“What exactly do they like?” or “Why do they keep coming back to us?” are good questions to ask yourself when researching. Doing this will allow your business to create an authentic support system for your consumer base. 
  2. Personalize your website’s user experience: Alongside doing background research, adjusting your website’s user experience (UX) not only enhances your site’s overall layout but also gives your business a greater understanding of your target audience’s motivations. Tailoring your site’s UX for convenience, attractiveness and navigational purposes can also boost your presence on widely-used search engines, as user interactions rise. According to an article from Webflow, focus on the branding and the user experience must be consistent. 
  3. Optimize your website content: From implementing more blog posts to formulating a weekly subscriber newsletter, prioritizing content optimization can reform this aspect of brand loyalty. Reshaping your site’s copywriting—specifically titles and descriptions—and images with relevant files names can bring in improved results. Another successful SEO practice to utilize for your content is internal linking, which allows for search engines like Google to find and understand every page on your site
  4. Stay up to date: It is evident that most users aren’t just using the internet to keep up with the “same old stuff.” Curate content for your website that stands out, especially amongst your target audience. Staying up to date with current internet trends and reading news related to marketing and business updates can make it easier to improvise content for your site when needed. 
  5. Track your results: Your business should plan to frequently check your online presence by also observing the analytical side of your SEO practices. Platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SpyFu and other online analytics tools are useful for keeping track of your website’s weekly, monthly and annual results. That way, your business can figure out what SEO practices and methods can stay the same and what needs to change. 


SEO Goes Beyond Keywords

Believe it or not, maintaining a simple system of captivating copy, eye-opening content and an updated website can increase your business’s recognition and enhance your brand awareness. By following these simple practices for 2024, your online presence can lead to long-term positive results. Improving your SEO practices for your food, beverage and nutrition brand will create a concise campaign, and a heightened sense of brand loyalty within your website’s user interactions. 

Have additional questions about preparing your SEO improvisations for your 2024 campaign? Contact Mitch Robinson at mitch@colinkurtis.com or call 815-965-6657 EXT. 1 to learn more.


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