Don’t Overlook These 7 Key Areas of Email Marketing

Email marketing is all about making connections with your customers and encouraging engagement with your brand. Here are some tips to help you improve the quality and success of your email campaigns.

1. Prioritize Your Subject Lines.

First impressions matter. As the first piece of text that is read, the subject line is arguably the most important part of an email. For 47% of people, the subject line is the sole determiner for deciding whether to open your email. To increase the open rate, don’t make your subject line too long. Less than 40 characters is ideal. Also, phrase the subject line so that it is personal, relevant, and gives the reader a sense of urgency to open the email.


2. Make Your Main Message Clear.

51 seconds is the average time someone spends reading a newsletter, which means your message needs to be clear, and your call to action needs to stand out. Your reader shouldn’t have to search for the main message, so use formatting tools like headlines and lists to your advantage. The call to action should only be a few words and located above the fold whenever possible, so the eye is drawn to it.


3. Give Your Emails Personalized Touches.

One of the powers of email marketing is its ability to make connections with your consumers. Personalize your email campaigns by inserting first names into the subject line or greeting. This simple step could improve your open and click rates.


4. Learn from A/B Testing.

A/B testing can give you insight into what your customers respond to best. Test one piece of your email at a time and you can gain valuable insights about your audience’s interests from the results. For example, test two different subject lines to find out which one received a higher open rate. Test regularly because your customers’ needs always change.


5. Create Layouts that Can Adapt to Mobile Devices. 

The way people are engaging with email is changing. Did you know that more than half of email campaigns are being opened on mobile devices and that 70% of people will delete an email if it doesn’t format well on mobile, even if it has relevant information? Keep in mind, a format that looks good on desktop might not translate well to mobile, especially the amount of information displayed above the fold. Many email marketing platforms can tell you what device your contacts are using to view your email. Use that information to your advantage when crafting your next message.


6. Aim for Quality Over Quantity with Email Lists

No one likes receiving emails from a brand they don’t remember subscribing to. One way to eliminate this risk is to use a double opt-in option that asks people to confirm they meant to hit subscribe. Long-term, this compiles a list of high-quality email addresses, whereas the single opt-in option could lead to complaints and a higher number of unsubscribes.


7. Utilize a Landing Page for Unsubscribers

Unsubscribes can be a frustrating part of email marketing. However, why not learn from your mistakes? By taking unsubcribers to a landing page, you can find out why they are opting-out with multiple choice questions. Use that information to find trends and update your messaging accordingly, leading to fewer future unsubscribers.

There is not going to be one format that gives you success every time, so our advice: plan, test, and adapt! Want help with your email marketing? Contact Mitch Robinson at or call 815.965.6657 EXT. 1, and ColinKurtis Advertising can help you achieve your email marketing goals.


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