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4 Alternative Marketing Strategies in 2020

In our current pandemic state, trade shows have been canceled across the world. Brands are missing those face-to-face connections and potentially missed opportunities. So how can brands reach new customers without in-person conferences? Well, as Ross famously shouted on FRIENDS, pivot, pivot, pivot — it’s time to look at alternative marketing strategies. via GIPHY Here’s [...]

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9 Web Trends You Need to Know in 2020

Nothing is more frustrating to an online customer than not being able to complete his or her goals on a company's website - everything from accessing information quickly to completing a sale with ease. Websites are continuously evolving to provide a better user experience (UX). Despite so many top brands providing a sub-par user experience, [...]

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Welcome Linda to the CKTeam

Linda, our food and beverage advertising agency's senior copywriter, joined the team in 2019. Here's our Q&A with her! What is your new role at ColinKurtis? I’m the new Senior Copywriter with ColinKurtis. Short answer: I write. I bring my marketing, branding and culinary background together to make creative briefs come to life. I also wordsmith and refine content to help clients shine.

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5 Tips to Work From Home

Companies are asking employees to work from home to practice social distancing. Virtual meetings and workspaces are essential. According to Cisco’s Webex, they have already seen 5.5 billion virtual meeting minutes and Microsoft saw its Team app up 500% amid China’s lockdown.  Our food and beverage marketing agency uses Slack and Trello to collaborate on [...]

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