4 Ways to Make Your Food Products Stand Out on the Shelf

The goal of any food brand is to stand out to your consumers with a unique, consistent brand image. Packaging can play a major role in helping you achieve that level of differentiation. The way you package your products can help catch the eye of new customers, and consistent branding will keep current customers around. There is a balance between providing enough information while not being overwhelming, as well as being unique enough to stand out and resonate with customers. Find the perfect balance and you will be able to build a strong customer base and increase sales. Here are four packaging tips to keep in mind for your next project.

1. Inform Your Consumer

The first goal of packaging is to provide the consumer with the necessary information about your product. This includes items such as name, logo, ingredients, size, contact information, and price. Without this basic information, consumers will be confused and turn to the next product on the shelf. Additionally, with rising health concerns around food products, using front-of-package (FOP) labels containing nutritional information can be appealing to your consumers. The FOP label informs the consumer of the nutritional content, while the transparency of information gains their trust.

2. Contain Your Products

When it comes to packaging, especially food products, there are a variety of options. Think about your consumer’s needs, as well as the shape and size of the product. For example, some consumers want quick, on-the-go products and, therefore, pouches, packets, and single-serve options would be best. On the other hand, some consumers are looking for bulk products to last for an extended period of time. This is when a variety of boxes will be the best option. Some key features to keep in mind include safety and convenience. 75% of consumers value safety in packaging, favoring materials that will keep their products safe from breaks or leaks. For example, chips need to be securely packaged so the consumer does not purchase broken chips. Consumers want packages that open easily as well, and with different types of containers and materials to consider, be sure to choose one that will ensure your product makes it to the shelf without spoiling or sustaining damage.

3. Maintain Your Branding

One of the most crucial parts of packaging is making sure it is easily recognizable as your brand. In fact, your revenue can increase by ten to twenty percent with consistent branding. It will attract customers and make them feel as though your brand is reliable and trustworthy. Inconsistent branding will confuse consumers, making them question your credibility. Consumers want a memorable experience from searching for a product in-store all the way to purchase and consumption. Packaging is just one piece in the consumer decision journey, but if the packaging does not match your branding, consumers will notice. To maintain consistency, use your logo, brand colors, and messages that match your brand voice. Packaging is also more than just a way to hold your product. It is part of the customer experience, so also consider the way your product is presented and look for opportunities to add incentives for repeat purchases.

4. Attract Your Audience

In a recent study, 72% of participants said they purchased a product because the packaging was appealing to them. This shows the importance of being creative and strategic in your packaging design. When thinking about what your consumers want out of your brand or product, start by finding one way to differentiate yourself. If you can pinpoint one unique quality and execute it properly, you will be noticed over your competitors. Consider asking yourself what you do that your competitors don’t or what benefits you offer your customers, such as lower prices, health benefits, or a key ingredient. Highlight these differences on the front of your packaging to boost your product’s appeal on the shelf.
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