Why PR is Important in the Food and Beverage Industry

Public relations, or earned media, plays a crucial role in the food and beverage industry. With the vast array of food and beverage products in the market, with many consumers wanting to eat healthier and more sustainable foods, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to stand out and capture the attention of their target audience.

This is where PR can be a powerful tool in your marketing efforts. With an effective PR campaign, companies can build brand awareness and become thought leaders while effectively communicating with their target audience.

Here are four reasons why PR is important in the food and beverage industry:


Build Brand Awareness and Reputation

One of the primary benefits of PR is that it helps to build brand awareness as a thought leader. By using a variety of PR tactics companies can get products in front of their target audience, generating interest and opportunities for new business. Positive media coverage from well-known and authoritative news sources can also help to build a company’s credibility and trust in the industry thus creating a more attractive brand image.

The PR team at ColinKurtis can help create new content and news coverage for your brand, which in turn can enhance brand reputation and drive new business opportunities. With over 25 years of relationships with key food and beverage industry outlets, ColinKurtis brings well-established, strong and trusted relationships with editors and publishers directly to your door.


Generate Buzz Around New (and Existing) Products

The food and beverage industry is highly competitive and companies are constantly launching new products. According to Food Industry Executive, on average about 20,000 new food and beverage product launches occur each year and only about 15 to 20% of new products will survive past the first few years.

By generating positive press coverage companies can increase awareness and drive sales of their product solutions. The PR team at ColinKurtis can help generate buzz around new product launches through a number of PR tactics including:

  • Press releases
  • Feature stories
  • Industry interviews
  • Special events
  • And more


Establish Thought Leadership

Earned media coverage can also help your brand become a thought leader and position subject matter experts at your company as authorities within the industry. Thought leadership will help your brand can stand out amongst competitors and drive opportunities. PR can also help companies educate the industry about new developments and trends while communicating the benefits of their product solutions. The public relations team at ColinKurtis can provide media training so your company’s spokespeople feel confident while effectively communicating key talking points with the industry’s news outlets.


Manage Crises

Product recalls, food safety concerns, and other crises can happen unexpectedly in the food ingredient industry. A well-executed PR campaign can help companies navigate and mitigate the negative impacts during a crisis. ColinKurtis can help you manage communications, from customer letters to media responses in a coordinated and timely fashion to ensure that your company’s reputation is protected.


Find Out More

PR is essential for any food and beverage or food equipment company looking to increase brand awareness, build a strong reputation, establish thought leadership, navigate crises and generate buzz around new products. By working with ColinKurtis, companies can create new content, build relationships with the media, secure coverage and achieve their business goals.

CK’s Public Relations team offers a wide range of services including connecting your business with relevant media connections, creating and distributing press releases, preparing and managing crises, organizing engaging events, monitoring and measuring media coverage and more!

Contact Mitch Robinson at Mitch@colinkurtis.com or call 815-965-6657 EXT. 1 to learn how ColinKurtis Advertising can help you strengthen your B2B marketing strategies.


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