Trade Show Tips

//Trade Show Tips

Trade Show Tips

There’s nothing quite like a trade show, with its jam-packed schedule and variety of offerings. You know that your trade show presence is important to your success, but where do you begin? The benefits are undeniable, but your effort may feel gargantuan, so we’re here to help you navigate and optimize your experience there.

Here’s our Top Ten Trade Show Tips:

10. Give yourself time
Like very other project or event, allow time in your business schedule to plan ahead for your event activities. CK recommends 6 months of lead time from concept through your implementation.

9. Use your imagination
Visit our friends from Exhibitor magazine at for great resources and examples to help jumpstart your pre-show brainstorming.

8. Start with your objective
Like all other marketing strategies, your trade show presence should follow and enhance your overall objective. Don’t stray from it just to be unique. Determine what you expect to achieve while you are there.

7. ‘Be true to your school’
Make sure your booth represents your brand appropriately, not diluting or detracting from it. Also, you must ensure you are abiding by the trade show’s rules.

6. Make a statement
Develop a key message or theme, make sure your booth reflects it, and that the booth and your staff are open and inviting.

5. Tell them you’ll be there
In the months and weeks leading up to your event, advertise your participation by mentioning the trade show and your booth number in all of your ads, emails and conversations with clients.

4. It’s all about logistics
Think about the audience: who will be there and how can they use your product? Your trade show team should be as varied as your audience. Determine the flow of traffic and the available amenities. Then, plan accordingly!

3. Good giveaways
Just like your booth, any giveaways should reinforce your theme or key message and have a particular purpose. Whatever you choose to give away should have a specific objective and desired result.

2. Encourage engagement
You’ve chosen your theme, ordered your materials, and are ready to go. Don’t forget that your entire purpose of being at the trade show is simply to encourage engagement and take things from there. Any one who appears disinterested or is on their cell phone (no matter whether a business call or not) is a missed opportunity to engage with potential new clients. And isn’t that what it is all about?

1. And once you’ve arrived: wear comfy shoes, hydrate, and connect with our food and beverage marketing experts. Just call Mitch at 815.965.6657 ext. 1 to find out how we can help.

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