Z-BURN Fitness One, creators of cutting-edge, results-driven fitness products, launched a revolutionary nighttime fat loss supplement, Z-BURN®. Since losing fat while you sleep is hard to believe, we knew the ad should reflect exactly how that worked. It also had to be eye-catching and different, in the crowded weight-loss [...]



ADM CLARISOY More protein? Sure. Clear protein? Wow! ADM’s CLARISOY™, the only line of transparent soy proteins, provide protein to nutritional beverages in a great-tasting way. We started at the beginning, before this innovative product even had a name, but we knew it needed to make its own statement. [...]



FIBERSOL (ADM/MATSUTANI) In 2009, the joint venture of Archer Daniels Midland and Matsutani America Inc. came to ColinKurtis with Fibersol, a revolutionary product whose brand felt disconnected without a unified voice. Through a rigorous process of research, conversation, evaluation and ideation, we found the voice and used it to [...]