The day was warm, the beer was cold, and our spirits were high as our team headed out to enjoy a lively game of baseball at beautiful Miller Park in Milwaukee. When our summer company outing was over, we were refreshed, renewed, and ready to: pitch in, play through any injuries, and knock our work out of the park.

Why have a summer company outing? The question is, why NOT? Summer company outings have a positive impact on the workplace and serve a deeper purpose. (More about that later.)

Here at ColinKurtis, we treat every occasion as a learning opportunity. Here’s what we know after our latest outing:
• When tailgating amongst a sea of buses on an asphalt parking lot in August, bring a shade canopy. (Note for next time…)
• Hydration is of the utmost importance to one’s overall health and well-being, and cannot be stressed enough.
• Diehard Cubs fans are, in fact, fair-weather Padres fans under particular circumstances. Who knew?
• Not only does the fancy lounge offer delicious food stations and refreshments of all kinds, it is air-conditioned, has comfy seating, lots of tv screens, and perhaps best of all? Its own private restrooms!

Summer company outings are more than just a bit of fun; they offer three key benefits according to Resource Management, Inc., outlined below:

Build Team Cohesion
“When your employees are able to cultivate meaningful relationships and connect with one another on a personal level, it can have a profound effect on your business.”

Offer a Break
A designated time for employees to take their minds off of work and enjoy themselves ultimately results in happier team members.

Increase Worker Productivity
A scientific study carried out by economists to test the idea that happy employees work harder shows that “happiness made people around 12% more productive.”

By any measure, the day was a great success. We shared stories, laughs and dances, got to know significant others, and are rather certain that we are now at least 12% more productive.

We feel obligated to mention the actual game in some fashion on this post, so in case you are wondering…

The Padres’ Hunter Renfroe stunned the Brewers with a grand slam that keyed a six-run rally, giving the Padres an 8-4 victory. It was Renfroe’s fourth home run in four straight games, which is apparently of note.

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