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This statement may never be truer than it is at an industry trade show. Though trade shows are one of the most profitable business-to-business (B2B) media strategies, according to statista.com, they are also filled to the brim with businesses competing for your potential customer’s attention.

So, it’s important to pick the right strategy and stand out […]

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At ColinKurtis, we believe that every individual brings a certain skill set, a special talent, and a unique point of view to the process. We work diligently at working together every day so that each client and each project benefits from the sum of all our ‘parts’. Since we work so hard together, every once […]

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20 Ways to Use Social Media in B2B

Wondering if social media can benefit your B2B business? The answer is YES. Up to 90% of the B2B buying process is taking place before the prospect even engages a salesperson*, so your brand needs to be seen early and often by your potential buyers.

Where are those buyers looking? Online. 77% of B2B buyers said […]

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Believe us—we know. When we set out for Arlington Park for a picture-perfect late summer day at the races, the future looked bright. On the way, we eagerly chatted about our varying levels of racing and betting experience. We purchased our programs, sipped on our refreshing beverages, had a few bites and got to work. […]

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20 Ways Marketing Can Support Sales

At ColinKurtis, we know that your sales team and your potential customers are top priority—and that sales enablement means empowering your sales team. To make sure that marketing supports sales, all you have to do is ask all the right questions and give all the right answers. Here’s a list to get you started on […]

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20 Ways to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing without measuring is wasting money.
Do you know much your marketing is really worth? And, how much it is costing you? Without measuring and analyzing your marketing’s effectiveness, you won’t know whether it is extremely valuable or a misguided drain of resources. Marketing supports sales, but is measured differently. Marketing affects sales, but sales alone are […]

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20 Reasons to Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

If you’re considering developing a new one—or wondering why you should even have one—ColinKurtis highlights 20 reasons to develop a strategic marketing plan that’s customized for your company.
The end of 2016 is only a few short months away, and it’s time to look to the future.
What does 2017 have in store for your company?

1. Your company […]

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20 Ways to A Better Website

Whether you’re in the market to build a new website from scratch, or looking to update and revamp your existing site, these tips can help make the process less painful.

Getting started

Think about what you want. Who is your target audience? What do you want your site to do?
Don’t be afraid to bring others in. Interview […]

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20 Ways to a Better Trade Show OR How to Make Your Trade Show Actually Pay Off

At ColinKurtis, we’re gearing up for our favorite time of year: we call it IFT for short, but its full name is the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Why are we so excited? Because IFT is the largest food ingredients show in the world. It features our food ingredient clients and […]

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20 Ways Better Creative Makes You a Better Brand


At ColinKurtis, we love great creative—and great strategy. To us, they are like bread and butter, we can’t talk about one without the other. We even lined one of our walls with, “Great strategy makes sense, great creative gets noticed, both get results.”

That’s why we thought we’d share our “20 Ways Better Creative Will Help […]

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