(September 2015) Rockford, IL – ColinKurtis Advertising announced the completion of a multi-year strategic marketing plan for Prinova, a leading global supplier of high-quality ingredients, flavors and value-added nutrient fortification products. This plan prioritizes marketing and communication goals and objectives to help Prinova evolve their market perception from just an ingredient supplier to the valued product development solutions partner that they are today.

Colin Kampmier, President, ColinKurtis Advertising said, “We have been working with Prinova for some time now. We are always happy to do project work for clients, but we encouraged Prinova to allow us to step back and look at better ways for them to more effectively communicate externally to their target audience, as well as internally to their personnel. They are a solutions provider for major food and beverage companies, yet their messaging wasn’t really impacting their large target audience the way that they needed. This new plan allows Prinova to improve direct and indirect communication to better focus on key market segments to maximize growth opportunities and better communicate their message. We are thrilled to be their marketing partner and look forward to Prinova’s future growth and continued success.”

Claire Peters, E-Marketing Coordinator, Prinova USA said, “ColinKurtis has always been a great partner, but their latest collaboration with us—to develop a strategic marketing plan—gave our marketing a targeted focus that we couldn’t have achieved on our own. The ColinKurtis team worked side-by-side with us to unite our message and strengthen both our internal and external messaging, which then allowed us to dive deeper into our key messages and strengths. Prinova has so much to offer, and ColinKurtis enabled us to share all of it with our customers—in a concise and compelling manner. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow with ColinKurtis in the years to come, and to seeing what further enhancements they bring to the table.”

ColinKurtis’ process included discovery meetings to help evaluate Prinova from both an internal and external vantage point; evaluation of each of their three business segments, research of the target audience needs within each market, and then development of differentiators between each were created to help prioritize efforts. Once the plan was complete, ColinKurtis began work on the communication tools which included development of: the brand story, a new company tagline, a new website, advertising campaign with creative executions of print and online materials, media strategies for to reach key segments, establishment of and support of a public relations campaign, direct and indirect contact plans, tradeshow booth refurbishing and many other marketing tools necessary to implement the plan and achieve success.

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