(November 2016) Rockford, IL – ColinKurtis Advertising is pleased to announce the completion of Nellson Nutraceutical LLC’s company rebranding campaign, with a multi-year strategic marketing plan and its initiatives. Nellson, a leading third party manufacturer and full service provider of high quality nutrition bars, nutritional powders and healthy snacks is based in Anaheim, California.

Colin Kampmier, President, ColinKurtis Advertising added, “We are thrilled to have been selected over several agency industry giants to partner with Nellson Nutraceutical. They realized that they needed help to redefine their brand and were open to a plan to strategically control their marketing efforts. As we worked together our path was made clear: we created a unique brand and value proposition and creative output for Nellson’s rebranding and marketing campaign.”

Nicole Baca, Marketing Manager, Nellson said, “The team at ColinKurtis really works to understand the intricacies of our business. When we asked them to redesign our website, they combined their creativity and technical knowledge to deliver a dynamic site that communicates our vision, engages our target audience and of course, looks great.”

ColinKurtis got to work after completion of the strategic plan with the development of a new logo and tagline, “Moving Nutrition Forward.” Nellson’s new identity was established in their brand story and carried out in new sales collateral and packaging. A new ad campaign focused on Nellson’s ability to deliver customer ideas at launch speed by creating the best bars and powders, together. A clean, responsive website and LinkedIn page development created a strong online presence. Then, a comprehensive media plan was put in place to deliver the Nellson message to the target audience—using a variety of available tools including web banner ads, online newsletters ads, dedicated eblasts, and sponsorship of targeted newsletters, as well as a Google AdWords campaign. At the same time, the ColinKurtis public relations team set to work to begin communication with editors and the industry at large.

Kampmier continued, “We were able to see a strategic path step-by-step, and deliver on each step in that process. This ensured that we raised awareness of Nellson and its capabilities, created great ‘sticky’ content, and generated substantial traffic to their website,, in the form of click-throughs. Our active PR campaign has gotten impressive results, with 1.4 million earned trade media impressions in just six months. Plus, our integrated digital campaign with a modest budget created strong traction, driving impressions and creating brand awareness at a rate of 244,470 impressions (at a cost of just $0.08 per impression vs. our predicted $0.14 per impression) and 925 click-throughs. With great results like these, we look forward to seeing the impact Nellson will continue to make on the nutrition industry.”

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