(July 2015) Rockford, IL – ColinKurtis Advertising is pleased to announce the completion of a multi-year strategic marketing plan for Amelia Bay. This plan spans the next three years and sets marketing goals in motion to drive future Amelia Bay success.

“This is a very exciting time for our company,” said John Harper Crandall, Amelia Bay. “As North America’s only tea brewer and formulator, we are uniquely positioned in the marketplace, but have struggled to communicate our advantage to the industry. We feel confident that the plan that ColinKurtis helped us develop will put us in the driver’s seat for our future growth.”

Colin Kampmier, President, ColinKurtis Advertising said, “We have been working with Amelia Bay for several years on various marketing projects, and are thrilled to set the wheels in motion to further differentiate Amelia Bay from their competition. Through this process, we found out there was confusion in the marketplace stemming from an old tagline. We needed to position Amelia Bay as what they really are–brewed tea experts. We believe this new plan will help them develop a true long-term strategy for success. This process can start in many different ways for individual clients and their specific needs, competitive situations, etc., but here we had an existing client that let us see the big picture and shared what their long-term goals were. We encouraged them to step back from project-by-project work, and let us put together a multi-year plan that would really examine who they are, how they stand up against their competition, and identify where they want to grow. The three-year plan details what we found, and puts all the action items in place to accomplish the goals Amelia Bay set forth,” said Kampmier.

ColinKurtis’ process included discovery meetings to help evaluate Amelia Bay from both an internal and external view; they then dissected each market, the target audience within each market, and found differentiators between them. From initial meetings with Amelia Bay, ColinKurtis then went to work and developed a three-year strategic marketing plan. This included a new tagline, creative executions, media strategies, a public relations plan, tradeshow recommendations, direct and indirect contact plans, a new website, and many other key marketing tools–all mapped out.

“Most customers don’t have all the internal marketing resources at hand. So ColinKurtis becomes part of their team, in any fashion that they are comfortable with. Sometimes it takes a few years to really open up and forge ahead, but together we build stronger brands, grow awareness and ultimately increase a company’s sales and its success. That has always been our key to success, from the very beginning of ColinKurtis,” said Kampmier.


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