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Seeing your company from your customer’s point of view
delivers a better user experience


A ColinKurtis Case Study

Our new client Powder Process-Solutions had a long list of important must-haves for their web redesign:

• Creating a new look and feel within responsive templates
• Setting up a new CMS platform and migrating existing copy and content
• Building an enhanced contact form to drive lead qualifications
and integrating forms into their CRM
• Implementing a new search engine to optimize site search

Powder Process-Solutions is an industry leader in the custom design and manufacturing of pneumatic conveying and bulk powder handling equipment and the leading provider of powder solutions, products and services for the dairy, food, infant nutrition, pharmaceutical, and specialty industries.


Powder Process-Solutions’ existing site was not responsive and did not provide an optimal user experience due to three challenges: confusing navigation, an overwhelming amount of copy, and inconsistent branding.

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We helped our client see their company and website from the point of view of their customers and site users. Our digital and account teams worked together with the team at Powder Process-Solutions to address the three challenges:

• Reorganizing the site and pages to flow the way we know users search for information
• Prioritizing the most important information, merging pages, eliminating duplicate copy,
and creating a cohesive approach to displaying content
• Branding in a way that matters to the customer and is clear to understand

The New Powder-Solutions.com:
Improves how products and services are delivered to users, through its new user experience (UX)
Enables strong brand consistency throughout
Educates the user on product lines and systems
Enhances SEO while building trust among current and prospective customers
Functions well on mobile
Drives website conversions tracked by HubSpot

In fact, YOY 2018 vs. 2017:
Page views increased 10%
Number of leads from the site increased 250%
New lead tracking from Lead Forensics provided 31 leads

The new site also includes easily accessible content highlighting Powder Process-Solutions’ food safety certifications and the industries it specializes in, two important user-focused components that had been missing from the previous site. Another big benefit? The site is easier for both the client and our digital team to work on—a crucial element for its long-term growth and success.