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Clebrating twenty Years in 2016

Doing the right thing—no matter what—creates success

ColinKurtis Advertising

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ColinKurtis Advertising is a thriving marketing and design firm, specializing in designing and developing authentic strategic branding and communication solutions. Since 1996, when ColinKurtis was just 2 college friends with a dream of starting their own ad agency, we have consistently based our business on our clients’ best interests—no matter what. Two decades of building upon that premise have brought us dedicated clients, challenging projects, a team of 13—and dreams that keep growing.


When Colin Kampmier and Kurt Mazurek started ColinKurtis Advertising, they each brought some collateral assets to the venture: one brought his computer and design software, and the other brought the equivalent, albeit modest amount in cash—enough to keep them alive for three months, if they made wise choices.

The first challenge? Where to begin. Luckily, Colin’s dad had a suggestion: start by purchasing and assembling a desk. Turns out, that was great advice. Three months later, the team of two was still working, and by 1999, moved out of their home office space into a commercial building. They may not have started with much in the way of tangible assets, but Colin and Kurt possessed the desire to promote their clients’ best interests and brands at all times.

The next challenge? How to grow and refine the business. Colin and Kurt navigated through a variety of twists and turns, and took on a client in the food industry, Berner Food and Beverage, Inc. in 2002. The relationship had staying power, opened the door to working with a cadre of food industry clients, and is still here today.

Colin and Kurt company history


rowth and change invite more challenges, but a constant goal provides a firm foundation. Kurt moved onto an exciting new venture that incorporated his passion for fishing, and new talent arrived as the client roster grew. Debra Tucker joined in 2006 as a strategist and creative director, and Carrie Livingston joined a year later as director of media relations. Both women brought food industry experience and a strategy driven marketing approach to ColinKurtis, who in turn attracted more food industry clients, like Campfire Marshmallows and ADM Fibersol, with great strategy and creative.

As ColinKurtis continued to grow, it also applied its strategic approach to its own business, with remarkable results. In the past two years, AAK USA, additional divisions of ADM, Amelia Bay, Kemin, Nellson Nutraceuticals LLC, and Prinova have joined ColinKurtis as clients. Our team has grown from eight to 13, and our workspace has doubled with the addition of seven offices, an expanded conference room, and a dedicated creative gathering space for group problem-solving.


Twenty years after that modest start, ColinKurtis is proud and happy to be celebrating two decades in business. In fact, 2015 was the most successful year in ColinKurtis history, thanks to our devoted clients who entrusted CK with increased roles and responsibilities. The ColinKurtis team acts as brand steward, no matter the size of client or project, and we consider ourselves fortunate to do so, every day.

Kurt and Colin remain friends to this day, though Kurt prefers fishing and Colin prefers golf.