ULProspector.com, a free online database, offers unparalleled access to technical data on suppliers’ products, and expertise in certification, validation, testing…you name it. Pretty smart, but unlike ColinKurtis, it was new to the food ingredient market. Since the product is strictly online, we knew we needed to reach our food manufacturing audience there. We developed quickly identifiable icons for the Knowledge Center and Mobile App, and coordinated the media buy and PR efforts, teaming up with key trade shows to create event sponsorships that would reach people online. Later, a new ad campaign, landmark collateral, and trade show graphics would highlight Prospector’s value to developers in the cosmetic, food, paint & coverings, and plastics industries.

advertising | interactive design | print collateral | PR | media buying | event sponsorship development | trade show graphics
web | online | ad campaign| landing page resurfacing

Prospector Essentials email examples

onboarding email campaign

UL Prospector ad example

print ad

UL Prospector Brochure


UL Prospector Booth renderings

tradeshow booth

UL Prospector Email examples

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